Work and sporting activities are an important part of life, but can sometimes be the cause of pain and disability. Chiropractors in Australia are well experienced in the diagnosis and treatment of such injuries, and also play an important role in the prevention of future injuries. Chiropractic management of such conditions is often multi-modal, and often incorporates spinal and peripheral manipulation and mobilisation, soft tissue techniques, rehabilitation and therapeutic exercises.^ Our goal is to allow workers and athletes to perform at their best, with optimal spine, joint, nerve and muscle function. Postures at work can also often be a leading cause of spinal pain and dysfunction. This can be caused by sitting at a desk for too long, or repetitive actions such as lifting, bending or twisting. Whatever your line of work, we will be there to assist you through your pain and we will give you advice on how to minimise and prevent such injuries from reoccurring.


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