Going To The Gym & You Haven’t Seen Your Chiropractor?

Active people can experience many benefits from Chiropractic care because treatment isn’t purely focused on individuals who suffer pain or specific complaints. Not only does Chiropractic management assist injury recovery, it can also help improve sporting and athletic performance such as improve flexibility, reaction times, injury healing, strength and more.

The majority of recreational gym participants complain of pain from time to time and it can scare you from exercising as you don’t know if it will make your problem worse. This is where Chiropractic and a practitioner trained in Sports techniques can assist you. Chiropractors are musculoskeletal focused practitioners that can assess injury and general function and therefore provide specific advice to get your body moving with greater efficiency and less discomfort. Sports Chiropractic techniques are aimed at preventing injuries as well as prescribing appropriate exercises that can be performed in conjunction with your current programs.

What types of individuals do we consult with on a regular basis?

  • Recreational athletes and regular gym goers
  • Weekend warriors (i.e local footballers, netballers, basketballers and more)
  • Individuals who value a preventative and maintenance lifestyle
  • People experiencing specific injuries and complaints requiring rehabilitation

If you’ve never visited a Chiropractor you may be wondering what types of treatment you can experience. It’s important to recognise that there are various different forms of Chiropractic. While these differences are very subtle it can have a great impact on expectations and management results. The majority of Chiropractors practice Diversified manual adjusting while others may prefer Gonstead and more gentle forms of therapy such as Activator methods. Our practitioners are proficient in all forms of manual adjusting as well as soft tissue therapy, exercise and lifestyle advice.

So if you’re an elite or amateur athlete or someone who just enjoys being active it’s important to consult with a Chiropractor who can provide advice as well as ensuring you’re engaging in the most appropriate activities.

This was a guest post by Dr James Allen, Sports Chiropractor, Mill Park, 24/10/15